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Web profit

Our platforms are sure to provide any trader with a secure trading environment and their rich functionality and personalization options suit both beginners and experienced traders alike.

WebProfit Platform

A3 Trading’s clients can  access the state-of-the-art WebPROfit platform directly from their browser! One of the main advantages of the  WebPROFit platform is the easy access to your account through the web – you don’t have to download or install anything – just sign in and start trading! You can trade over 30,000 financial instruments and have access to more than 100 currency pairs, gold, silver and CFDs

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What our clients say about the platforms:

I started trading on PROfit a month ago. It’s very easy, understandable and quick.
Ahmed Al-Otaibi
PROFit is a good platform for beginners and even for experts. I was a beginner trader when I started using it and I am still trading with it years later.
Eduardo Gutierez
A3Trading’s web-based platform is very advanced and a breeze to use, as is the mobile app. I’ve been using them for a few months now and don’t have a single bad thing to say.
Yasin Faisal
I use PROfit and have for years now - it has a lot of good analysis tools and their Customer Service is very friendly and helpful.
Maria Pankara
I've been trading for 2 weeks using my phone and tablet and both the web-based and the mobile version of the platform have all the functionalities I could want. It’s great.
Maria Pankara

Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.


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