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Commodity trading offers plenty of rewards and is considered one of the most popular options for investors. Read on to discover how you too can earn a profit from commodities with A3 Trading.

What are commodities?

When investors refer to commodities, they are mainly referring to precious metals, natural energy resources and agricultural goods. Gold and oil, along with silver, copper and platinum, are the most popular precious metals and are the most traded, while the most popular energy resources are oil and natural gas. Coffee, sugar and cotton are the commonly traded agricultural goods. At A3 Trading you will enjoy access to a wide variety of commodities, including those mentioned previously, along with silver, copper, cotton, platinum and much more.

An important part of your portfolio

Commodities are often an integral part of any investment portfolio, providing alternatives to currency trading at specific times. For example, gold is considered a safe haven asset. This means that when the markets are uncertain, or traders don't have specific asset they wish to invest in, they will often 'park' their capital by purchasing gold. Gold is traditionally safe from the fiscal policy of governments and uncontrollable market influences.

Oil is another highly valued commodity, allowing some skilled traders able to earn large amounts of profits. The value of oil tends to fluctuate rapidly, offering many opportunities to earn substantial amounts in a short period of time.

Commodity trading course

A3 Trading is proud to offer a free commodity trading course, designed to teach you everything you need to know. This includes the different type of commodities and how they react in the markets, along with how to best incorporate commodities into your investment portfolio. This specialty is provided to everyone for free and is taught in a 1-on-1 training format online

CFD CommodityBrent Oil0.12
CFD CommodityCOCOA4.00
CFD CommodityCOFFEE0.30
CFD CommodityCOPPER0.02
CFD CommodityCorn0.80
CFD CommodityCotton0.14
CFD CommodityCrude Oil0.06
CFD CommodityLCATT0.30
CFD CommodityLHOGS0.14
CFD CommodityNatural Gas0.16
CFD CommodityOATS0.80
CFD CommodityPalladium10.00
CFD CommodityPLATINUM1.50
CFD CommoditySBEAN1.40
CFD CommoditySugar0.04
CFD CommodityWheat1.00
CFD Commodity spotALUMINIUM6.00
CFD Commodity spotCobalt300.00
CFD Commodity spotGOLD1.00
CFD Commodity spotSILVER0.06
CFD Commodity spotTIN68.00
CFD Commodity spotZINC7.00
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’When I started trading commodities, I really didn’t expect my results to improve so much. When you’re also trading stocks and currencies you have a very diverse portfolio, which allows bigger profit potentials
Sebastian Fisher
’Commodities is a must-have in your portfolio. Easy to trade and the markets are volatile, which brings amazing profit opportunities.
Peter Owens

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Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.