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At the heart of A3 Trading services is currency investment. Access all major currency pairs in our trading platform, including the Dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen. In currency trading, there are unlimited opportunities to profit every single day.

What is currency trading?

Currency trading is the act of buying and selling currencies from around the world. You can earn a profit if the value of a currency goes up or down, as long as your direction was correct. Millions of people from around the world, along with large corporations, governments, central banks and others often use the foreign exchange market for a variety of reasons. For you however, the primary reason is earning large profits, and we can show you how.

Is it easy to buy and sell?

Unlike real estate and the stock market, you can buy and sell currencies at any time, as long as the markets are open. This is because the foreign exchange market does not rely on individual transactions between two parties. Anyone can buy or sell currencies without the need to find a buyer or seller. For example: You can go at any time to your bank and purchase a foreign currency. As long as the bank is open, you will always receive the service you require.

5 trillion Dollars a day

Currency trading is by far the largest market in the world, with over 5.3 trillion Dollars purchased and sold on average every day. This means that you have the opportunity any time the markets are open to earn a profit. You just need to know how to spot profit opportunities and take advantage of them.

All major currencies available

Over 70% of all currency trading involves major currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Yen, Australian Dollar, Pound, Canadian Dollar and Swiss Franc. This means you literally have access to all major currencies available around the world.

How to get started

If you would like to get started in currency trading, we highly recommend that you take our free beginner courses in online trading. They will teach you everything you need to know about online trading in general, and currency trading in particular.

CFD FX spotAUD/CAD0.001
CFD FX spotAUD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotAUD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotAUD/NZD0.0020
CFD FX spotAUD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotCHF/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotEUR/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotEUR/GBP0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotEUR/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotEUR/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotEUR/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotEUR/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotGBP/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/CAD0.0020
CFD FX spotGBP/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotGBP/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotGBP/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotGBP/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotNZD/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotNZD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotNZD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotUSD/CAD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotUSD/DKK0.008
CFD FX spotUSD/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/MXN0.05
CFD FX spotUSD/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotUSD/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotUSD/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotUSD/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotUSD/SGD0.0026
CFD FX spotUSD/TRY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/ZAR0.026
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With my lack of financial education trading currencies online seemed like a long-shot for me but with A3 Trading’s help and training I managed to earn $800 in my first week of trading.
David Polski
I have always been in control of my money and thanks to all the trading tools A3 Trading provided me with I still am. Even if you’re new to online trading – with the confidence these tools give you, you can keep track of multiple trades and take advantage of all the opportunities without losing your head in the process.
Melissa Lee

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Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.